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Actually, the story of Draper Europe begins in America in 1902.

It was that year when Mr. Luther O. Draper decided to start up the manufacturing of window shades for schools and founded the company which today is Draper Inc. For more than a century the company has expanded and developed, which leads up to today’s ownership of Draper Europe AB. Follow us through the years by reading more about the most significant milestones.


Luther O. Draper started the company in the small town of Spiceland, Indiana, USA. In the coming years the business expanded and his son-in-law Mr. Elmer Pidgeon joined the company and eventually became its next president.


The window shade business grew through two world wars and a depression, and the company became known as a good employer and a strong supporter of local youth and charitable organizations. In 1957, Elmer Pidgeon's son Luther Pidgeon secured a patent on an inexpensive classroom projection screen, marking the entry into the screen business.


In Halmstad, Sweden, Mr. Tony Bjurström started up a business focusing on producing window shades for residential use. After a few years he and his family expanded the product range and began manufacturing projection screens. In the beginning the production was mainly concentrating on the domestic school segment but as the business boomed they soon were in the business market as well as exporting to Scandinavia and Europe.


In this year the American company Draper Inc. began its collaboration with the small Swedish company, called Bjurab Sweden AB. Bjurab Sweden becomes a subsidiary of the large, still family owned Draper Inc., and the partnership between the two companies begins its positive journey to a wider and improved product assortment and geographical availability.


In the beginning of 2010, Bjurab Sweden changed its company name to Draper Europe AB to reflect the close relationship with its parent company. Strong connections between the respective departments of each company represent our vision to continue to develop our global presence and offer premium presentation solutions across the world.


In November Draper Europe announced the take-over of Tvååkersmarkisen AB’s window covering production. The manufacturing of projection screens and most types of window coverings have much in common and the synergy effect of the two business areas expect will be much valuable. Thanks to the new investment Draper Europe can present a total new assortment of interior shades and energy saving window covering products with the brand of Draper®.


Draper Europe has outgrown the existing plant after the take-over of the window covering production and invests in new larger facilities nearby the harbour complex in Halmstad. In February 2013 the doors were open to the refurbished facility with 5000sqm of production area and a modern 2-level office area, including an inspiring showroom.

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