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1st move completed

The first step of Draper Europe’s new facility investment is now done – the window covering production is on the site.

All production of window shade products – window blinds, Venetian blinds and awnings – are now gathered under one roof in our new facilities nearby the eastern beach of Halmstad. Which means all shipping of these goods is now done from Västervallvägen 6 in Halmstad.

The next transfer to complete is the production of AV which will start next week and continue for a couple of weeks. Our ambition is to be able to keep our normal production lead time during move, and we put in extra support in our production capacity during these weeks to be able to achieve this goal. However we would like to make you aware of that custom made projection screens might have somewhat longer lead time during the month of November.

The last actual move will take place in the beginning of December. The turn has come to all office and administration equipment that will be transported through Halmstad city over to the south end of the city. Effectively our telephone system will be unavailable Dec 6-7, but you will still be able to get in contact with us by emails and mobile numbers during these days.

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