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It's official: we are moving!

It has been a busy time and a lot of strings to pull, but now it is settled and official: Draper Europe AB invests in new larger facilities nearby the harbour complex in Halmstad. We have outgrown our existing plant after the take-over of the window covering production of Tvååkersmarkisen in the beginning of the year, and in coming autumn we will be able to produce projection screens and window coverings in a joined facility at Östra Stranden.

The new building holds 5000 sqm where 4400 sqm are reserved for production, packaging and warehouse, and remaining square meters will host a 2-level office area. The facility is located nearby the south exit to Halmstad, only a minute from the E6 highway by car. The move is planned in three steps where the AV production is first out in September, followed by the window covering production. As the final step the office area will be completed and the entire relocation will be finished before new-year.  

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