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Unique co-operation within the window covering industry

Tvååkersmarkisen AB and Draper Europe AB effective January 1st, 2012 will introduce a unique partnership and product range that allows a large American company for the first time to establish themselves in the Swedish window covering market. Draper Europe will take over the responsibility of the production facility in Tvååker and the responsibility for the dealer network that today is connected to Tvååkersmarkisen. Both of the companies within the Halland region will then have a dominant position in the window covering industry with a total of 85 Msek in turnover.

Tvååkersmarkisen, located just outside Varberg, will continue with their focus on the sales of window covering products through their chain of concept stores at central locations, an even wider product assortment and with a dedicated personnel well educated on products and installations. The company have had a steady increase of turnover the past years and as a result have gone from a turnover of 16 Msek 2005 to 34 Msek today.

- ”The major advantage of this agreement is that the window covering industry has now two strong players who can consolidate the market. Tvååkersmarkisen realizes their nationwide chain of inspiring and accessible shops and Draper Europe becomes one of the largest manufacturers. The goal for Tvååkersmarkisen is to become the largest self-owned chain of specialized concept stores with a growth rate of 1-3 new concept stores per year. Growth will be through both acquisitions and start-ups”, says Björn Fehrling, one of the two owners of Tvååkersmarkisen.

Long established U.S market leader
Draper Europe, located in Halmstad, will introduce during 2012 a total new assortment of interior shades and energy saving window covering products with the brand of Draper®. The System is originated from Draper, Inc. in the US that has been manufacturing and developing window covering products since 1902, and today with their 600 employees they are one of the three major actors in their domestic market.

Draper Europe has during a 30 year period manufactured AudioVisual (AV) equipment with the main focus on projection screens and accessories. The company is now expanding its operation by taking advantage of the skills already available within the group, with a well known assortment and a broad product range.

Local opportunities
The manufacturing of projection screens and most types of window coverings have much in common, and with a production area of 6000 sqm, both of the companies create local opportunities for personnel in the local community and also some new energy to the window covering industry. Tvååkersmarkisen will have a full range of Draper products in their five owned concept stores, currently located in Gothenburg, Kungsbacka, Varberg, Halmstad and Helsingborg, where the establishment in Helsingborg took place as late as 2010.

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