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Each year Draper Europe supports BRIS, an organization which support vulnerable children and young people in particular, and provide opportunities for children and young people to conduct a dialogue with adults. The goal of BRIS’ support services is to strengthen the rights of children and young people and improve their living conditions, which is done with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a guide.

Children in distress

BRIS (Children's Rights in Society) is an NGO with no party political or religious affiliations that supports children in distress and is a link between children, adults and the community. All support services build on volunteer work and financial support, primarily from corporate cooperation and private persons, and to a small extent governmental grant.

The core of the support services is the Children’s Helpline, the BRIS-mail and the BRIS-chat, which children and young people from around the country can use up to age 18 to safely, anonymously and free of charge call, chat and e-mail adults at BRIS.

Many thousands of children call and write to BRIS every year. The calls, chats and e-mails can deal with love and sexuality, bullying or abuse, joy and sorrow. One can turn to BRIS to talk or write about both large and small things.

For more information about BRIS, visit their official website.

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