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El-Kretsen is the business sectors service company for the collection and recycling of electrical and electronical products. El-Kretsen is owned by 20 business associations and is run on a not-for-profit basis. El-Kretsen's system, called el-retur, is designed to ensure environmental friendly handlingand and is run together with all the municipals of Sweden.


El-Kretsen currently has 1300 affiliated companies undertaking the agreement for electrical and electronic products and about 700 customers undertaking the agreement for batteries. Affiliated companies pay environmental charges based on cost price and in direct relation to their own sales. Members of El-kretsen are all companies which import or produces electronic products or batteries as defined in the law (SFS 2005:209,210) and (SFS 2008:834).

El-Kretsen only works with certified recycling undertakings and in accordance with Swedish environmental regulations. By affiliating to El-Kretsen, producers do not have to set up a system of their own. The system meets and exceeds the statutory requirements for all undertakings, which means a practical and cost-efficient solution for affiliated customers.

For more information about the El-Kretsen, visit the official website.

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