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Draper Europe is constantly working on improving and to grow as a company. This includes taking care of our employees, our customers and the environment both in a local and global perspective. We are certified by FR2000 which is your verification of our thorough work within the mentioned areas. FR2000 is an integrated management system for quality, environment, competence enhancement, health and safety.

Our Quality Policy

The goal of our quality policy is having satisfied customers and other partners. The target can only be reached by supplying products and services at the “right quality level”. With the right quality level we can fully satisfy and meet with the demand and expectations of our customers and at the same time take into consideration the needs of our stakeholders.

The right quality further means that products and services are fulfilled at the specified quality level at the lowest cost and that the products and services are delivered within agreed lead time.

Our quality work is characterized by:

  • Identifying the customer and their needs
  • Focus on clear and measurable goals that are shared within the organization
  • Permanent ongoing and systematic improvements of the way of working
  • The ambition to make it right from the beginning
  • Order and discipline

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